NSB Campus

Our Vision & Values

Widely considered one of the best postgraduate colleges in Bangalore, NSB Academy has now been rebranded and rechristened as NSB Academy.

The space is meant exclusively for management programs. NSB Academy offers some of the best MBA courses in India. The full-time MBA program is designed to fit the requirements of management education that leaders, managers, thinkers and entrepreneurs need to blossom. The school has been lauded on popular forums, as seen on NSB Academy careers360, NSB Academy MB Auniverse, and NSB Academy Collegedunia. Student testimonials can be found on NSB Academy Youtube and NSB Academy Shikhsa. It has also been praised as one of the top B schools in Bangalore on Quora.

We believe that every type of program requires its own distinct culture, attitude and behaviour. As a leader among B schools in Bangalore, NSB provides a mature and intellectual yet cosy environment that allows students to interact in a specific way that can build professional etiquette and facilitate better learning of management concepts.

NSB Academy is also considered one of the top B schools with an affordable fee structure. It also offers merit-based scholarships to all eligible students.

The Logo

Elucidates the very purpose of education along with NSB's core values.

The Symbol Infinity

Represents the concepts of continuity, eternity and the cycle of life. Knowledge is infinite and its applications are boundless in terms of time, space, scale and possibility.

The Design

Two “S” Two “C” and Three circles.

The “S” curves of the logo inherit the campus architecture and its new design paradigm for educational institution. The two Ss in the logo portray the commitment of NSB to two of its most important stakeholders – Students and the Society

The two Cs in the logo depict Character and Competence. While the Character is core, Competence is the crust. These two attributes rest on each other and one must have both to succeed.

The three circles depict the Three Levels of development of a student: Development at the level of the Self, Team, and the Organization.

The Color

The blue color of the logo represents both sky and sea, symbolizing that knowledge is as 'deep and vast' as the sea. One must dive deep into the sea to discover wisdom pearls that can take one to the sky of limitless achievement and success. Blue also signifies inspiration, intuition, sincerity, intelligence, confidence, faith, and leadership, key outcomes of education at NSB.

The Tag Line

The tag line “विद्यया विन्दतॆऽमृतम्” is quoted from the Kenopanishad and means that Knowledge leads to eternity

The Place

Bangalore depicts the place where NSB is located.

One of the AICTE approved & Bangalore University Affiliated MBA colleges in Bangalore

NSB Academy - Business School is one of the AICTE approved institutions in Bangalore. It is one of the top 10 MBA colleges in Bangalore. It is a unique initiative of National Educational and Social Trust(NEST), Bangalore, and an outcome of serious thinking that went into making management education more industry-compliant, global in outlook and meaningful.

NSB is promoted by a group of eminent academicians from across the globe and industry professionals with a vision to create intellectual capital for the world. Successful professionals from various fields with proven credentials and rich experience are part of this endeavour.

NSB Academy is fully committed to offer the very best in every aspect of academics to give you a sound footing in management career. After completing an MBA, placement has been highly successful with a significant growth in every year!

MBA with international exposure

Today, NSB has made huge strides in making its goal a reality. It has signed agreements/MOU with over 12 industry and university bodies in India and abroad to offer world class programs. An MBA at NSB Academy comes with valuable international exposure.

The MIP program (along with concurrent MBA and industry certifications) is highly value driven and student centric. From the start, we give you global exposure by organizing international immersion visits to foreign universities & industries, global corporate establishments and learning centers. Unique initiatives such as student consulting projects, student exchange programs and student government make you proactive and empower you to be more decisive in your actions.

The latest among these initiatives is the signing of an agreement for academic cooperation with ESC PAU, France, which is one of the top ranked business schools in Europe and University of Deusto, Spain.

NSB’s Future plans

Our priority is to highlight the clear differences in everything that we do and translate them into tangible benefits for the student body.

NSB Academy aims to be a center for excellence for business education, embracing a holistic approach and a value education. We believe that all programs require their own distinct culture, attitude and behaviour. NSB, as an elite foundation for management education, provides a mature, intellectual and nurturing environment for students to interact, highlighting professional behaviour and facilitating better learning of management concepts.

Seek accreditation from global accreditation bodies for higher education

Look for new partners in every continent to create global opportunities for you

Involve industry bodies extensively so that the program offered at NSB remains closely aligned with industry requirements

Some of Our Values are envisaged in the following points

The mission of NSB Academy is to educate citizens who will contribute to the wellbeing of society. To achieve this mission, students must embody the set of values that NSB Academy stands for. By choosing to abide by these values, everyone at NSB Academy will contribute to creating a favourable environment in which NSB’s mission can be accomplished.

Student-Centric Approach

Students are the primary focus at NSB Academy. Therefore, NSB organizes itself around students. At NSB, we refrain from doing anything that would not be helpful to students. NSB empowers students by encouraging self-governance and student-led learning.

NSB Academy has adopted certain principles of the United Nations Global Compact:

Support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights in its circle of influence.

Uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining.

Promote elimination of all forms of forced or compulsory child labor.

Support all precautionary approaches to environmental challenges.

Encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.

Fight against all forms of corruption.

Focus on value creation for the stakeholders

To exist and to continue developing, NSB Academy should create value:

For the students, by preparing them to become best-in-class professionals

For the corporate clients, by providing skillful knowledge workers but innovative solutions that enable its clients to acquire distinctive competencies

For the employees, by giving them fulfilling careers and creating a stress-free working environment

For the city and the region, by participating in constructive social activities and participating in the economic development of the region

Focus on Transparency

NSB will remain transparent in its operations and shall operate on the premises of honesty and integrity. Students will have access to their records, grade reports and other academic procedures. No employee may accept remuneration, gifts or other benefits from a client, student or supplier. No employee may offer remuneration, gifts or other benefits. Only gifts or benefits of low value may be accepted, if they are in compliance with commercial practices and rules of good relations, and not contrary to the law or to standard regulations.

Commitment to Quality

To accomplish our mission, NSB shall use the best service providers. Each employee must demand quality from our suppliers. It is, of course, forbidden for any employee to negotiate any secret agreements with a supplier outside the official contract.


To be a leading and preferred business school for developing pragmatic business management professionals


To develop impactful, collaborative, articulate and socially conscious graduates through innovative teaching, research and outreach activities.

Quality Policy

NSB Academy is committed to Quality Education that meets or exceeds statutory requirements and to enhance student satisfaction through the effective application of the systems and processes.

Core Values

Scholastic Excellence

Impactful Outcomes


Diversity and Inclusiveness

Respect and Integrity

Responsibility and Accountability